Red Fang’s New Album ‘Only Ghosts’ is Rocking the Globe

Red Fang’s newest album Only Ghosts, is a well-produced sonic advancement from the rock band hailing from Portland, Oregon. They have been bringing their boozy anger-anthems around the globe, taking the lead and carrying the Pacific Northwest hard rock torch with them. The band may be none the worse for wear though, with Only Ghosts being their angriest and darkest release to date.

There’s no doubt that the sound of Only Ghosts is a matured departure from their self-titled debut, or even their last album. This new album has a very heavy and powerfully dark sound, which is apparent on the album’s eighth track ‘The Deep.’ This song starts out with a driving guitar riff from which the band takes off, smashing their way through a string of build-ups and driving rhythms that get increasingly chaotic throughout. In the end, we are left with a soundscape of Bryan’s agonizing screams slathered with reverb and competing with the noise of the guitar’s doom-like droning.

If by this point in the album it wasn’t apparent enough that Red Fang’s sound has matured, you’ll definitely know by the time you listen to the album’s sludgy and instrumental bonus tracks, ‘Dumb Guy’ and ‘One Hit Two Hit.’ These both are loud and buzzy, with a looming darkness, yet is forced along by a powerful, heavy rhythm.

Red Fang has some of the most catchy and in-your-face heavy rock riffs in modern music, and this album is chock-full of good ones like ‘Shadows,’ (which has a music video out right now, it’s also classically Red Fang). The drums of the hard-hitting John Sherman, on this album, have never been better. His talent is especially notable on the song ‘No Air’, it’s a technical masterpiece of fills and thundering grooves. Vocalizations of pain and frustration have never been so coherent, and the entire album was exceptionally produced. What more could you want from these musical monsters? Go listen to Only Ghosts right now, and leave us comments about how much you love it.

To learn more about Red Fang, check them out here.