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A Tribute to the Iconic Interstate Bridge (Video)

Growing up in Vancouver, the Interstate Bridge has always held a special place in my heart. The giddy excitement of traversing the bridge and making our way into the more culturally diverse city of Portland is something that I will never forget. Crossing the state line was like going on a mini-vacation. Great food, great music, great art, and competitive sports — Portland had everything that I cared about.

But as I grew older, the travel to Portland became more and more loathed. The diversity of the city that I had loved so much wasn’t there anymore. Traffic was no longer limited to just rush hour, but plagued commuters the majority of the day. Eventually, my hometown and neighboring city of Vancouver had become sufficient for my needs as it developed into it’s own unique area filled with superb food, art, entertainment and beer.

This video is an nod to those nostalgic feelings, mixing the Interstate Bridge’s iconic beauty with glitchy digital effects reminiscent of past memories.

Vancouver Snow Day City Center Drone Footage

If you didn’t know already, last Tuesday night, the Portland Metropolitan area had another snow storm. This time the predicted 3-5 inches produced more than a foot of snow, and all in less than 24-hours. Outdoor life came to a halt with the exception of ecstatic students and brave souls. The streets were mostly quiet as the snow blanketed everything around. I took advantage of the serenity, flying the drone through the lustrous winter landscape.

The music, video, and editing were done in less than 24-hours. If you enjoy these type of videos, check back soon as we are always trying to create more beautiful content. Likewise, you can subscribe to our YouTube channel. We hope you enjoy.

Learn to Solder – Tech Classes at FVRL

The Vancouver Community Library continues it’s series of classes geared towards techies with the help of Erik Thompson and Low Voltage Labs.

Erik Thompson of Low Voltage Labs – manufacturers of some awesome do-it-yourself tech – lead an engaging lesson on the art of soldering Tuesday night at the Vancouver Community Library. Erik (and son?) taught the group the basics of soldering as participants put together Makey Robot – Learn to Solder Skill Badges.

The Fort Vancouver Regional Library has been making an effort to bring technology to the citizens of Vancouver. Alongside tonights soldering class, the library has recently hosted a “Coding Academy – Hour of Code” in which it taught and encouraged individuals to learn to code, and Maker’s groups which have been focused heavily upon the Arduino microcontroller.  Next Tuesday, the Vancouver Community Library will host the class “ArtBots” in which participants will “Deconstruct common household objects to create your own drawing robot!”

Tech classes are only small portion of all the awesome things that are going on at the Fort Vancouver Regional Library. Checkout the FVRL’s Event page for more great events coming to your local library branch!